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In 13 days, Israel has displaced 135,000 Palestinians, or 7.5% of the total population living in the Gaza Strip.

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you can’t “fix” detroit with yelling WOW SIGNAL BOOST THIS THEYRE AMERICANS. those responsible for the detroit disaster area know exactly who lives there. it didn’t happen yesterday

detroit is the wasteland of the white colonialist state. of course it’s a fucking human rights emergency, it has been for years. how disgusting is it to appeal to the very nationalism constituting that state for some kind of hope, some kind of rescue. what kind of thought process happens here




Did you guys know thousands in Detroit are experiencing water shutoffs?

Like, thousands in Detroit are living without running water?

Detroit, USA?

United States of America?

They’re Americans?

Who have been so neglected by their local / state / federal govs…

Okay, this is right and important, I’m going to remove the previous post. I’m on mobile with limited time right now, so I can’t say much about having reblogged that uncritically except that I saw something about Detroit from myc and from a cursory glance dismissed the references to American-ness as incidental tumblr liberalism, which yeah isn’t harmless.

(also, the extent to which the residents of Detroit are treated as Americans, human “like us” and deserving of Exceptionality being highly conditional)


Don’t enjoy any media if you’re a communist. Live in a cave. Draw your own art using your own blood and urine on walls. Isolate yourself from all human society. Only eat poisonous berries and make clothes out of grass.

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Apparently, the only time Israeli supporters will actually recognize Palestinians as indigenous to the land is when they invoke the genocidal history and nature of the US and support adopting such a model against Palestine.

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Israel is a travesty of the ideals of a Jewish state.